Bible versus science in Staphorst council, Netherlands

Thanks to my brother Ian for the heads up on this story… and the translation from Dutch. As an atheist and an archaeologist, I am doubly offended by this constant meddling of the IDiot brigade in matters of scientific dating to prop up their lame excuse for a chronology! ENOUGH WITH THE STUPIDITY ALREADY!!

Original Link (In Dutch)

Bible versus science in Staphorst council
Staphorst – a report about locations with archeologic value within the local area is to changed at the request of the Christian Union and SGP parties.

Both parties want to see the biblical version of the age and origin of the earth mentioned in the report.

Councils are required to produce ‘archeological value maps’. The map shows where sites contaning possible archeological remains are to be expected. The report, produced at the request of the council, contains passages about the creation of sandhills millions of years ago.

‘Young Earth’

“We assume, together with a large part of the population of the community, that the earth is young. Why shouldn’t that be mentioned in a council reprt?’ said Klaas Harke (council member – Christion Union) on Friday.

Darwin Year

Together both parties have a majority in the council. The Mayor has agreed to have the report ammended., according to Harke. According to the council member there is room for both visions, even in the ‘Darwin year’. This doesn’t have to have any practical consequenses for an archeological map in which the scientific and biblical visions and mentioned.

“The communities of Staphorst and Rouveen have moved several times since they were founded. Research into the earlier ribbon development may need to be done. That goes back about 1400 years, but there is absolutely no difference of opinion about this period of time.

The Out Campaign: Scarlet Letter of Atheism

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  2. Phantasmo Says:

    Sorry for the OT but I was wondering where the octopus/kraken avatar you are using at comes from. I feel like having seen it before.

    • I can’t remember when I started using it, but I did find it online somewhere – probably a google image search. My avatar used be another octopus, as I’m quite into Cthulhu Mythos fiction and games, and when I saw it I thought it was very me 🙂

      Thanks for stopping by, I’m starting blogging again as I am now a man of leisure and so much is going on with religion which I want to comment on, so please do keep an eye on here if you are interested. I am just finishing one on revelation tv and feel I have to comment on Stephen Green’s ex-wifes recent revelations. And then there is the ongoing child sex abuse scandal and the quest to sue the Vatican into financial ruin…



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