Stephen Green – from ‘Birdshit’ to ‘Wifebeater’

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Opinionated homophobic Christian Voice head honcho Stephen ‘Birdshit’ Green, who is famous for the attempted banning of Jerry Springer: The Opera, being instrumental in the repeal of the UK’s 140 year old blasphemy law, and for being shat on by an irate seagull while invoking his Imaginary Friend on Channel 4’s Dispatches programme, is a wife beating child abuser.

Who knew? A fundamentalist Xtian with skeletons in his mobile home? Surely not…

His ex-wife Caroline gave an in depth interview on their personal life in a Daily Mail article (here – although its pains me to quote from this bastion of hysterical journalism) detailing his descent into mental instability as his religious extremism grew and grew, and outlined his abusive behaviour towards her and their male children. They list on her behalf a catalogue of physical and mental abuses which, if made public earlier would surely have seen his children taken into care.

The details are covered expertly as always by Richard Bartholomew on his excellent Bartholomew’s Notes on Religion blog here, so I won’t go into detail about them here. Richard’s blog also links to John Walkers Electronic House (hereThe Daily Mail And Stephen Green: A Torrid Romance) details the Daily Mail’s contradictory relationship with Stephen Green – their ‘go to’ source for a dose of fundamentalist crazy.

So where does this leave Green and Xtian Voice?

Obviously Mr Green is further discredited, his protestations of moral authority based on his Biblically inspired outlook appear to be even more out of touch with reality, if that were possible. I’m no legal expert, but I for one would like to see him pay for his crimes in a court of law.

The problem for the organisation is that Stephen Green IS Xtian Voice. He started it, he runs it, he is the originator and mouth piece for their (his) vile homophobic rantings. He seems to be the self appointed moral critic of society, a kind of modern Mary Whitehouse on steroids.

Given Stephen’s demonstrated hypocrasy with regard to his public protestations and his home life, it makes me wonder about his extreme homophobic views (in 2009, Green called for gay people and adulterers to be executed, and commended efforts in this direction being made in Uganda) and the lengths to which he goes to air them in public in the UK media and internationally by means of his homophobic treatise The Sexual Dead End (incidentally cited by such luminaries as creation scientist Dr Grady S McMurtry on his web pages on Homosexuality) the scientific psychological research of Dr Henry E Adams of the University of Georgia showing that 80% of homophobes have suppressed homosexual tendencies becomes extremely relevant.

This research has been cited many times by human rights campaigner Peter Tatchell and is summarised in an excellent letter to the Sun by Peter here which I will quote pertinent sections from below.

“Research by an acclaimed US psychologist suggests that 80 per cent of men who are homophobic have secret homosexual feelings.

This finding lends scientific support to the long-standing speculation that those who shout the loudest against homosexuality have something to hide.

The research results were published in the prestigious Journal of Abnormal Psychology, with the backing of the American Psychological Association.

In tests conducted by Prof. Henry E Adams of the University of Georgia, homophobic men who said they were exclusively heterosexual were shown gay sex videos.

Four out of five became sexually aroused by the homoerotic imagery, as recorded by a plethysmograph . . . a calibrated band fitted around the penis, which measures any enlargement.

Prof. Adams says his research shows that most homophobes “demonstrate significant sexual arousal to homosexual erotic stimuli” suggesting that homophobia is a form of “latent homosexuality where persons are either unaware of – or deny – their homosexual urges”.

Progressive schools of psychoanalysis have long theorised that homophobic prejudice involves the projection of fear and disgust concerning one’s own homosexuality onto others. Those who cannot accept their same-sex desires, so the theory goes, vent their self-loathing through attacks on other people’s homosexuality.

This homophobic defence mechanism is also often a bizarre form of over-compensation: maladjusted lesbians and gay men who feel guilty about their homosexuality become stridently anti-gay as a way of compensating emotionally for their self-shame.

In some cases, ostentatious homophobia is a deliberate ploy to deflect suspicions and rumours of homosexuality.

This ruse is based on the assumption that if someone acts homophobic other people will be less inclined to believe they are gay. Not any more, thanks to Prof. Adams.

So in conclusion a quote from Hamlet Act III, Scene II:-

“The lady doth protest too much, methinks.”

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Dr Grady S McMurtry

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Happy 2011!

So – I’ve been extremely busy actively managing my family’s situation for the last year, so unfortunately blogging has been on the back burner, which is a shame as I have missed out on commenting on so much – the Pope’s visit, the Vatican coverup of its own international paedophile ring, Sarah Palin, and a million and one other stories covered elsewhere – however most made it onto my Twitter feed and Facebook page at least.

Now that the dust has settled and everyone is back in school, we have a wonderful new home in rural Wales and I currently have much more free time thanks to the Coalition Govt’s public spending cuts, which means hopefully I will be able to blog a bit more, as and when something pisses me off.

The other day after dropping my girls to school I settled down over a cup of tea and started channel hopping. In a moment of idle curiosity I flicked to the 15 (yes 15!) 24/7 dedicated religious channels to see what kind of warped pseudo-scientific claptrap was being fed into the living rooms of the 10 million+ Sky subscribers in the UK.

What. The fuck?

I was shocked to see a Creation Science programme hosted by the star of this particular blog, Dr Grady S McMurtry. This one was about how the Earth’s magnetic field was decreasing in strength, how it had been relatively strong when God created the Earth but it has been steadily weakening and it was going to cause the end of all life on Earth, as well as proving the Young Earther’s position (i.e. that the Earth is 6000 ish years old and was created by God in 6 literal days).

I was incensed by his ill informed, and frankly batshit crazy assertions that science proves creationism. I immediately smelled a rat, as he reminded me so much of Kent Hovind, so I recorded the show and reviewed it with my wife who suggested his doctorate was probably purchased, like so many YECs, from a private institution, probably in Theology (in my view a pointless non-subject, as it is the study of make believe – you might as well have a Doctorate in Applied Fairy Studies).

I did a little digging, and found this excellent blog by Gordon, which lays out the pertinent facts and Lo! There was much laughter at the foolish delusion ridden ‘Dr’ McMurtry.

He seems to have studied for his doctorate in a period quite a bit shy of a year, while a normal honest academic has to do 3-6 years novel research to gain the title Dr. He then appears to have returned to his studies for another few months and is magically now a Professor.

Gordon’s blog simply and elegantly lays out the facts for all to see, McMurtry is a fraud using irrelevant qualifications to push his mentally ill perspective on the credulous.

He needs to grow up and join the 21st century, and stop accusing scientists and rational critical thinkers (who base their outlook on hard won facts and evidence) of things he himself is guilty of – specifically of believing in fairy tales for adults, gross delusion and dishonesty.

Young Earth Creationism is a lie. I feel I can say this with some academic authority as I am amongst other things an archaeologist specialising in the evolution of mankind.

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Bible versus science in Staphorst council, Netherlands

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Thanks to my brother Ian for the heads up on this story… and the translation from Dutch. As an atheist and an archaeologist, I am doubly offended by this constant meddling of the IDiot brigade in matters of scientific dating to prop up their lame excuse for a chronology! ENOUGH WITH THE STUPIDITY ALREADY!!

Original Link (In Dutch)

Bible versus science in Staphorst council
Staphorst – a report about locations with archeologic value within the local area is to changed at the request of the Christian Union and SGP parties.

Both parties want to see the biblical version of the age and origin of the earth mentioned in the report.

Councils are required to produce ‘archeological value maps’. The map shows where sites contaning possible archeological remains are to be expected. The report, produced at the request of the council, contains passages about the creation of sandhills millions of years ago.

‘Young Earth’

“We assume, together with a large part of the population of the community, that the earth is young. Why shouldn’t that be mentioned in a council reprt?’ said Klaas Harke (council member – Christion Union) on Friday.

Darwin Year

Together both parties have a majority in the council. The Mayor has agreed to have the report ammended., according to Harke. According to the council member there is room for both visions, even in the ‘Darwin year’. This doesn’t have to have any practical consequenses for an archeological map in which the scientific and biblical visions and mentioned.

“The communities of Staphorst and Rouveen have moved several times since they were founded. Research into the earlier ribbon development may need to be done. That goes back about 1400 years, but there is absolutely no difference of opinion about this period of time.

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Atheist Pride

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I just had a brainstorm while reading this thread on Dr Terence Meaden’s Atheist Nexus group.

I am going to try and talk to some prominent athiest activists and get the ball rolling on an Atheist Pride event to publicly express atheist pride and all things positive about the godless.

Apologies for the lack of blogs in recent weeks – I am suffering from too any ideas to get any one of them down coherently, but in the meantime I think this is going to be a really positive movement to try and start.

Hopefully more soon.

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USA v2.0 – A Narrowly Avoided Disaster?

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OK so heres the blog I originally wanted to write (if this is your first visit you could take the time to catch the first 2 blogs as they are scene setters).

Firstly let me just say that the recent Presidiential election in the US and the inauguration of President Obama made me feel extremely proud OF America.

The last 2 terms under Bush saw the world slide inexorably towards the brink of disaster as civil liberties fell by the wayside to religious delusion, holy wars and economic and environmental mismanagement – Bush really was a cowardly and ignorant leader, given that he refused to tackle the real issues facing the US (err global warming? What global warming…?) and preferred to skim over the cracked infrastructure and divert the public attention by engaging in hostile foreign policies.

Now, controversially I initially supported the military action in Iraq, in as much as I felt that Saddam Hussein was a brutal totalitarian leader who needed to be removed for the good of the people of Iraq. That was all the justification that was needed, no smoke and mirrors about WMDs which never existed, and no billions spent in Halliburton infrastructure contracts doled out to the economic facists running the ‘free market economy’.

And where did all the profiteering get them? The worst global recession in 200 years, trillions of Dollars, Pounds and Euros squandered in deals aimed at propping up a corrupt and unjust economic system, recession looming and governments collapsing (yesterday the government of Iceland collapsed as a direct result of the global economic failure).

The pressure is really on for Obama now and I hope he has the conviction, backbone and balls to be able to deal with many truly gargantuan tasks – Mr President I wish you luck!

While personally I would have preffered to see the Jefferson Bible used instead of Lincoln’s Allegedy Holy Bible, the fact that the second time Obama took the oath there wasnt any kind of Bible in sight at all was awesome. Watching the inauguration last week I was struck by a huge sense of relief.

(aside) There follows a series of sweeping generalisations about the 20th Century.

While pondering how things could have turned out had McCain and Palin won, something occured to me – this recession could have been so much worse. Historically recessions have been tied up with an increase in global conflict and were significant contributing factors to both the First and Second World Wars. During the 20th Century there seems to be a general link between economic downturns, an increase in munitions manufacture, the export of weapons and escalation of territorial aggression. We are all familiar with the outcomes of World War, even with the relatively limited technologies available during WWI and WWII.

Add the motivation of religious zealotry to the picture of economic collapse and I believe that had McCain and Palin we could have all been screwed. Christopher Hitchens has pointed out McCain was just a heart attack away from Palin stepping up to the most powerful job in the world. Had they been in charge of the immense military force of the USA she could have easily been in a position of fulfilling both her constitutional and Christian ‘destiny’ by ushering in her mythical End Times because God told her to do it (it worked for Bush after all). Its a chilling prospect – religiously inspired nuclear war. After all they dont care what happens to the Earth as they are all going to Paradise or rising up to Heaven in the Rapture (where was that exactly in the Bible anyway??).

In conclusion, by winning the election, by fighting the good fight and succeeding in winning the hearts of the US voters, Barack Obama may very well have saved the world without even knowing it and pulled us back from the brink. Its a bloody good start in my book.

As The Non-Prophets pointed out in their latest podcast (8.2) the new transparency and openess coming out of the White House is a refreshing leap into 21st Century politics. Obama may not be perfect, realistically he is not a knight in shining armour and will be as open to criticism as any person holding the Office of President should be – it goes with the territory after all. But at least he has put his money where his mouth is and is delivering very quickly on election promises dealing with the environment, Guantanamo and repealing the raft of ill considered legislation rushed through by the Bush Administration.

All I can say is – thank fuck hes gone, roll on USA v2.0

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Bad Faith Awards 2008

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The very splendid and worthwhile New Humanist magazine has posted the results of the Bad Faith Awards and unsurprisingly Sarah Palin won.

There were lots of good,  or bad, candidates including the UK’s very own Stephen ‘Birdshit’ Green from Stephen’s Voice (sorry Christian Voice), and the majority of the leadership of the Church of England, Roman Catholic Church and even the government.

However the winner of the award was the failed Republican Vice Presidential candidate Sarah Palin, McCain’s right hand woman and one of the most dangerous women alive today.

Why do I find Sarah Palin so offensive?

Firstly she is batshit crazy.

Secondly she does not have the wit to conduct herself at any meaningful level in politics (kind of goes with the territory being President and all, however seeing as we have had 8 years of Bushisms I was initially quite worried that the religious conservative right would do it again and doom us all).

Thirdly she is nepotistic and corrupt in the use of her political and executive powers.

Finally, as it says in the award “Being an election and a heart attack away from controlling the world’s largest thermonuclear arsenal while simultaneously believing that the End Times may arrive during her lifetime.”

More than that – I have seen footage of her addressing her evangelical church in Alaska and rather than passively waiting for the End Times to come, they were really rather keen on starting the whole shit house off themselves (see her comments on Bush’s ‘Mission from God’ in Iraq).

This woman is intimately bound to my reasons for starting this blog, and will have a cameo roll in Blog #3, which is the actual one I wanted to write originally and which prompted me to start blogging. 

More on that later 🙂

In my book she really is without any redeeming qualities, deluded, ignorant, vapid and dangerous.  Congratulations on winning the award Sarah, oh and thank you from the bottom of my heart for loosing the 2008 US presidential election.

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First post – about my blog

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I am starting this blog to give me somewhere to record some random and not so random commentaries and observations about the situation our species finds itself in as the first decade of the 21st Century draws to a close.

I have always been curious about the human condition, how and why we are here on our tiny planet adrift in the vast and beautiful universe. From an early age my fascination with dinosaurs developed into an interest in human history and I decided to study archaeology – after all we are all people, and are surrounded by other people every day, and I wanted to understand where our societies, culture and philosophies came from, and better still how we evolved to populate every corner of the planet and stand on the Moon.

In later years I have really developed a passion for science (astromomy, evolutionary biology and physics especially quantum mechanics (although I have to say my maths SUCKS).

The final thing is I am an atheist. I have always been an atheist, even when I was sat in sunday school the glassy eyed spoon fed deluded horde made my skin crawl. It was an extreme inconvienience, but allowed me the time to question the nature of religion first hand and even read the Bible at some length although I always thought it was an unmitigated pile of toss. The Hitch Hikers Guide to the Galaxy is my favourite book, and a real life Hitch Hikers Guide would be by far the most useful text you could carry with you, rather than any of the fossilised Bronze Age dogmas which prop up the major religions of our world.

Now the internet gives us access to our global village and the freedom to speak our minds I hope that we can start to make a better future together, while we prepare to take the next great step.

Hopefully we can manage that or the whole planet is fucked 😀

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